Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Busy Days!

Where did November go? It seems like the time keeps flying faster every day. So many things to take care of here! But even in the busiest season, I love to take time with my Christmas cards.
Right now I am in the middle of addressing envelopes. With every envelope I pause and remember why I am so thankful for each friend. I always find myself reaching for the sparkles and glitter at Christmas! Just seems like the perfect opportunity! Each envelope requires a bit more drying time, but it is so much fun. I hope you find time to pause and do something you love as this busy seson descends on us. Enjoy the sights and sounds.

Friday, November 4, 2016

November News

We are having a beautiful November here in Ontario. Many of the autumn leaves are still on the trees. The birds are busy at the feeders. The days are getting a bit cooler and we have had some frosty mornings. In my studio, I am busy from morning to night. Catching up on so many painted pen orders to be able to ship them out in time for Christmas and working hard on my last two teaching workshops of the season. I will be in Birmingham, Alabama next weeked giving a crash course in Italian Hand and The Festive Flourish.
As I sat down to flourish this little snowflake this afternoon, I started to analyze the structure of flourishes. Everything within me wants visual balance over symmentrical balance. Symmetry looks unnatural to my eye and seems foreign to the concepts of offhand flourishing. So my little snowflake relies on techniques other than symmentry as I progress through it. In the end, flourishing is play. Start with whatever concept you would like, but always approach your work with a sense of play as your flourish. It is a joyful process. No need to be overly analytical. It will be what it will be. A flourishing artist puts ink on paper rather quickly. Hope your days leading up to the busy holiday season allow you time to play!